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82 8cm
Black-figured Aryballos from Attica, 5th cent. b.C.

Z 82 12 cm
Strigil of the post Hellenistic period, found at Platees.

  120 16cm
Silver kantharos from Derveni of Salonica.
330-320 b.C.
IL 045 10cm
Clay amphora from Attica.
13th cent. b.C.
  046 9cm
Inspired by a black figured "Mastos" from Attica. 530 b.C.
ZH 164S 11cm
ZH 16411cm

Silver skyphos from Vergina.
  ZH 098S 13cm
Black-figured cylix of the Hellenistic period.
300-250 b.C.
"The ancient world in miniature. Elegant objects of art, copies of ancient vessels,
can compose a splendid collection."
070 12cm
140 17cm
Inspired by a crater.
Vari 7th-6th cent. b.C.
  ZH 122C 13cm
Inspired by vessel from Chios island.
17 8cm
Ancient crater.
National Museum.
  068 8cm
Inspired by
a three-handled amphora from Argos.
15th cent. b.C.
066 9cm
Inspired by
a red-figured hydria from Attica.
  079 14,5cm
Inspired by a red-figured loutrophoros from Attica.
132 13cm
Golden cylix from Mycenqe.
15th cent. b.C.
  ZH 118 10cm
Hemispherical shaped vessel.
Milos 1600-1400 b.C.

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