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185 14cm
Inspired by
a vessel belonging to the Post-Minoan age.
Crete,1580-1450 b.C.

  185 14cm
Vessel belonging to the Post-Minoan age.
Crete,1580-1450 b.C.
162 22x10cm
Cylix from Derveni
in Macedonia.
4th cent. b.C.
  345 14cm
Pear-shaped vessel from the Cycladic period.
2800-2300 b.C.
379 16cm
Ancient vessel
from Crete.
1700-1580 b.C.
  236 15cm
Amphora of the Minoan age, found in Phaistos.
1800-1700 b.C.
"The chisel of modern silversmith finds the Ancient Greek creation.
Museum copies sculptured by hand, attribute perfectly the authentic design."
155 15cm
Wine jug from Derveni, in Macedonia.
4th cent b.C.
  615 33cm
Red-figured lecythus from Attica with the represantation of an athlete who is throwing the javelin.
Athens, 470-460 b.C.
216 12cm
Clay vessel of the Neolithic period.
Museum of Volos.
  817 23cm
Inspired by an ancient Greek vessel which represents a race.
HP 194 18cm
Silver phiale from Sindos. Archaeological Museum of Salonica.
  HP 196 18cm
Silver phiale from Delphi.
6th cent. b.C.
322 20cm
Stripped vessel of the Middle-Minoan age.
1900-1800 b.C.
  154 18cm
Conical rhyto from Kitio in Cyprus.
13th cent. b.C.

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