Style & Design

S t y l e  &  D e s i g n



The philosophy of KANDARAKIS company is based on:

    • pioneering design,
    • research and study of the productive methods
    • high quality .
Ioannis Kandarakis and Olga Kandaraki
are the company's exclusive designers.
Olga's studies (degree in Business Organisation and
Administration department of the Economic University
of Athens and in jewellery design at "Le Arti Orafe” jewellery school in Florence) have given a new breath
to the company.
Their objective have always been the maintenance
of high standards in quality and design,
as well as the production of exclusivities
absolutely adapted to the customer's needs.

Sources of the creator's inspiration are:

  • The Ancient Greek culture.
  • The modern needs of decoration for the office and the house, as well as the tendencies of fashion.
  • The need of creating utilitarian and unique objects.

Style & Design

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