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FH 042T 5,5cm - FA 034 6cm
F 15T 11cm - H 022T 5cm

H 022K 5cm - FH 042K 5,5 cm
FA 034K 6cm - F 15K 11cm

"Silver is unbreakably connected with wedding and christening.
The glass of marriage, hooneymooners' gift, the wedding sweets box can acpuire special prestige, when they are hand made from silver 925°."

FH 052 7cm - H 017 4,5 cm
FA 030 6,5cm - F 14 11cm
F 822 18x13cm
F 821 15x10cm

CD 960 43x26cm
ZH 126G 9cm

H 019 4cm

H 025 5cm
015 6cm

H 012 6cm

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